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  2. SaintJohn and Tiësta rise to the 1st Hearthstone Division of ESPLeague
  3. EVO 2016 Recap by Wilson ‘Twinblade’ Ferreira
  4. Thank you Alejandro Alguacil !!!
  5. Grow uP Gaming Association with a big presence in the World Championship!



Portuguese Institution of Sports and Youth promotes integrated and uncentered politics from sports and youth, having collaboration of public and private entities. They’re partners to Grow uP Gaming Association since 2008.

We’ve made a partnership with OPP – Order of Portuguese Psychologists, for a better understanding and support of our players and teams, promoting this way the existance of Psychology Internships inside the Association.

In accordance with Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) Government’s strategy of positioning and developing Macao as a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) serves as the public entity responsible for implementing, analyzing and assisting in formulating the tourism policies of the Macao SAR to enhance Macao’s reputation as a quality destination.

The Office works hard to strengthen its connections with overseas travel trade as well as regional and international tourism organizations to achieve Macao tourism development.


Macau Jia Yuan Entertainment Co. Ltd. is a leading entertainment company based in Macau which serves prestigious and wealthy tourists from China visiting Macau. They provide luxurious one-stop service for their clients and operate in the majority of the leading casinos in Macau.

GamerShop is one of the biggest Gaming stores in Portugal, serving also as platform to Gaming community. They’re partners with Grow uP Gaming Association since 2015, giving discounts to uP associates (insering “Growupgaming” code in any site checkout).


The best virtual space for Buying/Selling games in digital format. It can get you the best games for STEAM/ORIGIN/BATTLE.NET platforms. Kinguin is partnered with Grow uP Gaming association since 2016.

NanoChip – Informática, Lda is a store dedicated to the commerce of products and services in the area of computer science. He has been a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2012. Members are entitled to discounts on almost all product ranges in this store.

Dailymotion has been a main sponsor of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2016, specifically for the competitive teams of the Association.


A Virtually is a company of web design, graphic design, online marketing and web hosting. It has been a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2008, providing discounts on accommodation and websites for Association members.

SWORDSMAN is focused in offering alternative investment solutions and consultancy for our clients around the world. We deal with our clients and partners in a straight forward approach and we only engage in a consulting partnership if we can visualize high probability success. We strongly believe this is the only way to maximize efficiency for all parties. Evasive strategies are risks to our team’s most valued wealth – integrity and credibility.

Chun Man Publishing Co., Ltd. is a comics publishing company with operations in Hong Kong, Macau and China. The company helps chinese brands to enjoy cost efficiency by producing their marketing material at their factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, China, which is about an hour away from Macau. Their comics business is currently expanding into Taiwan and Japan and the company is targeting to list in Hong Kong exchange within 5 years.


Suicide Industry is a company that provides services at the level of clothing, photography, design and printing services. He has been a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2007, providing discounts on clothing.

Highbrand’s main activity – also known as HB – deals with the development of projects and integrated solutions for the most varied sectors of activity, of which the Financial sector stands out. HB is composed of several technical profiles of collaborators, most of which present software development competencies for web and mobile environments. In order to present autonomous and transversal teams, we also present competences from the point of view of system administration, implementation of external solutions and project management. It also has partnerships at the software licensing level, namely with Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec, and hardware or mixed solutions such as Cisco and Watchguard.

ACIDADOS, Informática e Comunicações S.A is one of the leading companies in Portugal in the development of services and solutions in Information Technologies and Communications.
With 15 years of experience in the implementation of ERP Solutions, Networking and IP Communications and a vast portfolio of services and solutions in the ICT area, ACIDADOS SA guides its activity towards the implementation of Turnkey projects and development and implementation of applications Cost-effective ERP solutions, helping your Customers achieve business objectives.

1UP Gaming Lounge is the first video game bar in Portugal, where you can find various services such as: sale of used games or consoles, service of repair and restoration of consoles and computers, a themed bar and a place to relax playing consoles with the friends. He has been a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2013, giving uP members the chance to play for free on space consoles.

ComputerStation is a Lan House located in Porto with 20 gaming computers available, a streaming zone and a multi-use consoles area. He is a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2015, giving the possibility of marking in advance, uP players can train in their space.

Farowest is a Lanhouse / Gaming Lounge that opened at the end of the year 2016, and even before its opening it had already formalized a partnership with our Association.

G4 E-Sports Stadium

Mp5 Station

PlayEngine is a registered trademark for trade in gaming services and other web services. Consisting of a young, dynamic and experienced team in the videogames market, it is the right choice for those looking for a high quality and high security service at the lowest price.
At the moment we have all our infrastructure located in Portugal and France, and in the near future we expect to expand our offer to more locations.

The Kartódromo is implanted in the ground with 40,000 square meters, it has the following equipments: Track with 930 mts of perimeter and a constant width of 7,20mts; Kart support boxes; Private boxes; Shared garage; Control tower with respective equipment; Karts chassis Sodikart gt2 pro with Honda 270 cc engines; Karts chassis Sodikart rx7 with engines Honda 390 cc; Bar with dining room for 60 people and terrace with excellent view of the track; Shop for sale of karts and equipment; Sanitary facilities; Spas; Garage and workshop for collecting private karts; Parking lot; Pavilion Multi Uses of 200 mts; Catering service for groups, by appointment; Artificial Lighting; Sporty Poly with Natural Grass


Fitness Hut is a group of gyms that excel at their quality while having a good price. He is a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2015, and provides discounts to Grow up Gaming members on tuition.


Twitch is one of the world’s largest Gaming Stream platforms. He has been a partner of the Grow uP Gaming Association since 2013, providing Streaming benefits to its members.

World Gaming magazine is not only the most widely read gaming publication in Macau, it is also Macau’s biggest print-run magazine of any genre with 50,000 copies per issue and 300,000 per year. WGM is Asia’s most comprehensive publication for people who love to bet, offering everything from news on the latest gaming product offerings; in-depth features on the history of popular games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack; interviews with the industry’s heavy hitters and valuable gaming strategy.