In the past year the Association had 1 official team participating in the RLCS, an event that had over 6000 teams from all over the world and over 300.000 twitch viewers watching the games.

During Season 1, the team that represented the Association was Adriano ” SKAZY ” Guerreiro, Ricardo ” iGozel ” Canhoto and Ricardo ” Fury”Miranda. This team was defeated in this tournament only in the semi finals of the Loosers Brackets.

This year, we’ll bring 5 teams to this big event with the intention to go as far as possible!
The following players are representing our teams:

Grow uP Gaming – uPro 

– Guilherme ”GuilhermeF” Fialho

– Rui ”RCoelho” Coelho

– Gabriel ”Getdown” Charrua

– Ruben ”Radiimov” Peres

Grow uP Gaming – uP.Reformados

– Adriano ”SKAZY” Guerreiro

– Ricardo ”iGozel” Canhoto

– Joao ”Cancæla” Botas

– Joao ”Specter” Paulo

Grow uP Gaming – uP.Prodigies

– Flávio “Homers1993 ” Pereira

– José “RR” Martins

– Xavier “M3gatroll” Meireles

– Nélson “Xpecializer ” Ferreira

– André ” The FalconArrow” Cunha

Grow uP Gaming – uP.StreetWheels

– Daniel ”DannyP” Pinto

– Bruno ”Nius15” Costa

– Joao ”xFactorjP” Alves

Grow uP Gaming – uP.Savage

– Hugo ”AWAKE” Nunes

– Pedro ”STATUS” Rangel

– Tiago ”Kamykazenn” Oliveira


In this way, our Association will participate in everything and with the aim of moving to the next stage. The expectations are enormous, as there was a great evolution of the players that are representing not only the uPro Division but also of the other teams and thus, the players are very motivated to reach their objectives.

The Grow uP Gaming Association wishes the world’s greatest luck to our players!

Grow uP Gaming – We grow together!