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Grow uP Gaming has been an Association since 2008, and is currently one of the largest Multigaming communities in Portugal. Having about 900 to 1000 members, our mission is to support the development and growth of the Gaming activity in Portugal, in a healthy and responsable way.

We believe that Gaming is a hobbie that brings people together, and stimulates participants cognitively. While integrating in this activity, people develop capacities like cooperation, teamwork, strategic thought, problem solving, and even understanding of foreign languages. Social contact is also one of the aspects we consider to be crucial to promote, uniting the community and generating a inter-relationship between them. Because of that, we integrated a platform that allows those members to be constantly in touch, and the organization of meeting events is something we enjoy doing.

This way we aim to compete for great competitive results on various games, while also developing a healthy community who shares the same love for online games.

In 2014 we created the MeetuP brand (, impulsing Grow uP Gaming Association to organize competitive LAN events and bonding with the community. Its first major event was in 2014, with over than 650 participants, offering more than 15000€ in prize pools. There’s the objective of promoting and growing this brand, since it has already become an essential component to Grow uP Gaming association.

As means of supporting the MeetuP brand, an app was developed (App on Play Store) in order to provide their users all the information and developments regarding the brand and its events, also allowing the buying of tickets and livestreaming of its tournaments.

In August, 2015, Grow uP Gaming Association expanded to Macau, creating Grow uP e-Sports Macau, aiming to grow a competitive culture of eSports there.


Grow uP Gaming was founded in 2002 by a group of portuguese Unreal Tournament players. In time, other members joined, including people from different games, making our Gaming community grow up. Since then, the organization has developed competitive projects as far as eSports are concerned, expanding to other games and platforms.

With the effort of our teams, in a broad variety of games, we’ve shown our value in both online and offline competitions, as well as being present in large tournaments and events. As the years passed we kept our stability, growth and resiliency.

We’ve been having many conquests and victories in e-sports, with more than 400 prizes and counting in various events, both national and international (XLParty, Futurtech, ESWC, WGT, WCG, iSeries).

We stand out from the competition due to our positive environment. In Grow uP Gaming, we assure that all members and non-members feel confortable and accepted in our community, promoting a healthy Gaming experience. All this is based on the Association’s standards: Practice, Teamwork, Inovation, Responsability.

Competition in uP is divided in 3 separate Divisions: uP e-Sports, uP Gamer and uP School. This provides a distribution of our teams and players, depending on their objective, performance, dedication and results (watch Regulation for more information about Divisions). Each Division will also have different benefits.
We count on a Staff team, with managers and mentors constantly dedicating their time and efforts for the teams, so they can have all they need, depending on our organization’s possibilities. Besides, we also count on the support of various Partners.