It is with great pleasure that the Grow uP Gaming Association announces the rebirth of the World of Tanks Division through the inclusion of two Clans of the Portuguese WoT community.

World of Tanks has been part of the Grow uP Gaming Community for several years, from its Beta phase until 2015, Clan Grow uP Gaming has been active in the community and has participated in many online and offline tournaments and competitions. However, the Clan eventually dispersed over time, not continuing the work that had been developed.

In 2016 World of Tanks has gained a lot of traction, being one of the most played Freemium games in the PC Gaming scene. Along with this, the largest exposure of the Portuguese community of WoT through new communication channels such as Gaming Organizations and the dedicated Gaming program of RTP has brought many players, both newbies and veterans.

It is at this moment that we announce, with great pleasure and confidence, the inclusion of two reference Clans in the community at Grow uP Gaming:

  • Portugal Cavalaria Team
  • X-NON

These two Clans will bring a new life to this division, with dynamic and competitive contents that go well beyond winning prizes or laurels. Beyond the aggregation of these Clans, we will launch, in partnership with them, new initiatives for the evolution and growth of the World of Tanks community in Portugal. Stay tuned!



The PCT, Portugal Cavalry Team is a friendly Clan with a family environment and a strong and dedicated base built over the last three years. Since October 2013 this group of friends cultivates friendship, camaraderie and respect in this world of tanks. Its evolution has been based on the work of all the members in evolving and improving its performance, with the definite objective of increasing in the rankings of the World of Tanks and in the future aspiring to compete with the best ones in Portugal. They have the motto “SUS a ELES”, an old war cry of the Portuguese Cavalry, we are proud to welcome them to Grow uP Gaming.



The X-NON is a recent Clan in the World of Tanks panorama in Portugal, however, its creators are authentic WoT veterans. Since 2013, they are dedicated to the game and its community in one way or another. Founders of the World of Tanks Portugal Group on Facebook, with a pedagogical ideology and fostering the development of in-game skills supported by the Rescue Task Force initiative, something inherent in the culture of Grow uP Gaming. The creation of the X-NON in 2016 comes in the attempt to consolidate the work done, building a team of victories and competitive success.



Come and meet these other World of Tanks Portuguese Clans, and join our community.