The 1st edition of the Pokémon GO em Alvaiázere occurred last weekend, counting over 800 participants, 30 hours of lures and over 5.000€ in prizes.

The main events of this edition were:

  • Gym Battles

– The team that dominated the most gyms within the schedule determined by the organization would win and get monetary prizes for the team and its individual players.

  • Pokémon Hunt

– For 8 hours participants would be allowed to roam the region, evolve their Pokémon eggs, capture Pokémon and activate Pokéstops. Every participant got an award based on their performance, and the highest ranking player would get a special prize.

  • Cosplay

– The goal was to embody your favourite character so you could parade and charm everyone with its fantasy. The top three contestants were entitled to a monetary prize.


Irina “Romanoff” Cosplay was present in this edition and managed to stay in 2nd place at the Cosplay Event.

Irina says that it was an excellent initiative, especially considering that the conditions provided were exceptional as they provided free camping, access to pools, gifts, excellent communication app and plenty of staff.

During the current month there is also a poll for August’s best Cosplayer in the Log on Lounge, so lets support our Streamer / Cosplayer Irina “Romanoff” Cosplay to help her win another award!


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